Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As u all know, Father's Day was on the 15th June. Well, since I've said I'm going to revive this blog, I might as well start with...wishing my daddy a belated Father's Day..!! Now, of course I've wished my dad on the actual day itself, please don't go on getting ideas that I did not..:S
Yea, so anyway, a
to my dearest daddy...

a 'pregnant' daddy with his two daughters

Of course, there is also another important day this week. 18 June. I wonder whose birthday is that. Well, no other than my dear cousin, Yoong Whei. So, a
to you too.. ;)
Please remember to invite me to your b'day party k? Hehe...

Neh..the b'day girl in white...looking at her camera...

Last but not least, today is also the day where my sis and also my cousin (as mentioned above) are having their piano exams. I'll keep you all in prayer and definitely,
I'm sure both of you will do well in your exams!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hundreds n Thousands...

of Apologies......

I am sorry. I didn't mean to abandon you like that. I have not been paying much attention to you lately.Sigh.. Please forgive me, my one and only...

going-to-be-revived (by me)...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Finally..the anticipation of results have come to an end..I'm able to move on with my life without worrying about my exam results anymore..Praise the Lord I'm able to get through this last hurdle without much problems..really, He helped me a lot during those stressful times so all glory to Him in the Highest!!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been pretty bored recently..
Took my IELTS test, now no longer need to study for it..
Thus, there's nothing much to do..
My newest project....
Moulding and painting plaster figures..

These come in a set, bought them for about RM30, which includes plaster for moulding, paints, paintbrush, mould and instructions.
It was pretty easy to prepare the plaster for moulding, just mix the packet with water and pour it into the mould. Takes around 30-40 minutes for the moulds to completely dry and after that, you can start painting them.

Started painting the bodies first, as I wanted the colour to be the same.

I realised that my painting skills have deteriorated thru the years, mainly because i seldom paint nowadays. Haha..
Anyway, I had fun painting them, though it's kind of difficult at times when because the figures are small.
Here are my handiwork.. :)

Mermaid with black hair, and a musical instrument..I'm not sure what's

Another one, sitting on a shell..

Look, She has the same tail colour and...erm..shells colour as the one in Disney's The Little Mermaid..:)

Tada!! My end results...they look cute right??


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am sitting for my IELTS this Saturday...




p/s : Have a happy late valentine and..enjoy the last few days of chinese new year..:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

WHee..Boom!! Chinese New Year is here!!!

My List of Important Things to do During Chinese New Year
1. Attend Church and thank God for His blessings for the past year.

Family and I in church..notice the Chinese New Year tree's decorated wit small lanterns..haha

2. This is for the girls, very IMPORTANT thing to do : Show off your new year, new clothes..

who's that ruining our pic??? =_=

Why is she wearing the same dress???

Don't worry sis, you still look cute..HEHE

3. Take photos with relatives

With cousin Fhei, isn't she pretty??

One crazy, two normal girls

Four mad girls

Me, cute little girl, and Doraemon boy

4. Have reunion dinner wit relatives

Female members of the Choong clan

Grandma, Daddy and Mummy

Jun Jun eating..

Mum, with my pretty cousin, my sis and I

5. Last, but most important...receive loads of angpaus!!!!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Post is For Mummy..


It's the..


"Wahey!! We're the Bash Street Kids!!"

Observe carefully..LOok at the Fatty standing on top!!I wonder how the two boys below feel supporting him..Pity them..I wonder why they're still smiling!!


Example of contents inside..

Enlarge if you want to read carefully..

Ditto above..

Most of you probably never heard of this comic before right??

Maybe because it is not that popular now compared to the generation before us..

meaning..YOUR parents' generation!!


Anyway, i got introduced to this by my mum..:) She used to read this when she was a kid. Her favourite character's Plug (scroll up, the one with buck teeth, protruding ears and a long face standing next to Fatty) And guess what?? I'm gonna make this my 1st book review here..


Definitely a keeper!! The stories are simple yet entertaining,and you won't get bored reading it over and over again. The pictures are all drawn in of the interesting features is that there are small but funny details in almost every picture.

Well, if that doesn't convince you, maybe the price will..

it's only Rm9.90 for a hardcover book with glossy colorful pages in every page!!